MK Holiday Shop

I have recently started working in Michael Kors in Aberdeen and I must admit, I wasn’t a massive fan when I started! I’ve been working for a few weeks now and I have gotten to know the brand well and I am truly educated which makes me appreciate Michael Kors a little bit more. Working in retail not only helps you enhance your people skills but it also entails you to shop as you are working- organising merchandise etc.

So I wanted to create a little MK holiday shop guide for him and her because I felt inspired. These items range from £50 to £400 so you will definitely find something within your gifting budget! It doesn’t hurt to spend a little bit more to treat that special someone though, the bags are amazing and they’ll last a lifetime.

In the links below, I have listed some of my favourite pieces!

For Her:

1. Jet Set Travel Leather Cross body and Card Holder SetCherry, £195


2. Disco Ball KeychainCherry, £50


3. Fur KeychainPlum, £55


4. Jet Set Travel Leather Smartphone Wristlet, Silver, £95

5. Glitter Smartphone Case, Silver, £50

6. Jet Set Travel Glittered Leather Pouch, Silver, £85

7. Madelyn Small Leather Clutch, Black, £170

8. Packable Puffer Jacket, Black, £240

9. Sloan Quilted Leather Shoulder Bag, Black, £295


10. Faux Fur Peacoat, Cinnabar, £395


For Him:

1. Four-In-One Logo Belt Box Set, Brown, £160

2. Slim Fit Shirt, Midnight, £85

3. Embossed Leather Card Case, Navy, £70

4. Leather Backpack, Navy, £375

5. Large Nylon Duffle Bag, Black, £330

6. Activity Tracker, Black, £89

7. Travel Case, Black, £110

8. Leather Wallet, Oxblood, £80

9. Gage Gift Set, Silver, £279


10. Velvet Blazer, Black, £345

I hope this gift guide was helpful to you! Selected items come in different colours however these were my favourite. You can visit for more bags, accessories and clothing if nothing listed above tickled your fancy. Happy shopping!!


Kimberley xo



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