Fashion Spread

As part of my university module, I  was asked to produce a 6 page fashion spread and a front cover. Nikki and I worked together to organise a fashion shoot and coordinate outfits. We decided on street fashion with a pop of colour, mainly focusing on textures; suede, leather, velvet and faux fur. We used yellow throughout all the outfits which tie in with Spring (when the magazine will be published).

I have created a minimalistic spread using simple fonts and blank space because I felt the background of our pictures were quite busy and I didn’t want them to overcrowd the pages.

The magazine was named S8MENT; this was decided on a class vote. The 8 stands for Robert Gordon University’s 8th edition of the magazine. The title is not particularly my favourite however it does correlate with our theme of textured statement pieces.

Front cover:


The cover lines are the Nikki and I’s article pieces which may be featured in the magazine also. This edit may or may not be used as the finished magazine cover however I’m still very pleased with it.

6 Page Spread:


I’m very pleased with the end result and worked hard to achieve this. Again, my version may or may not be selected for the finished magazine because Nikki will be creating her version too! Our lecturer will be choosing her preferred one.

Photographers: Ross Walker and Katherine Ferries.


I hope that you like my fashion spread as much as I do! Very excited to see the end result of the magazine.


Kimberley xo




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