Slogan Tee

Slogan t-shirts are and will always be on trend and a timeless piece in your collection of clothes. Random sayings and prints have been quite on trend recently and I wanted to collate some of my favourite t-shirts that have been stuck on my lust list which may sway you to join the slogan tee trend.



1. ‘Peachy‘ tee is one of my favourites out of these three. I’m a big fan of the black and white stripe and pink slogan combo. Not to mention the fact that I love peaches.

2. ‘Milan‘ tee is very minimal whilst giving a little interest. I love a white t-shirt and red writing/print combo.

3. ‘Sick‘ tee just reminds me of my friends back at uni and I absolutely love the colour yellow, I find it very flattering on darker skin tones and it is perfect for the summer.


Na-kd Fashion:


1. ‘Grl Pwr‘ tee is so simple and it perfectly displays your independence and confidence.

2. Β ‘Lemon‘ tee is so perfect for the summer. Its simple and it can add colour to your minimalist outfit.


Brandy Melville:


1. ‘Good Vibes’ tee is casual and I know for sure, that it is very soft (which is always a plus).

2. ‘Malibu‘ sweatshirt isn’t so much a slogan tee but I had to include this piece because I absolutely love it. The colour is a perfect vibrant red and looks super comfy to live in.



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